Gardabaer, December 2005.

Dear member.

Once again we send you DC-3 NYT, which is published by 3 Vennerne in Denmark. The newsletter among other things covers DC-3 flights in Iceland and Greenland. While we do not yet publish our own newsletter the management feels that it is ideal to send the Danish newsletter to members and we hope that you like the initiative. I hereby call upon members or other parties to manage the publishing of a newsletter for us in DC-3 Friends. If you are interested in doing this, please e-mail to or phone Birgir at +354 505 0481.

Our home page is being updated. From the page you can send us, the members of the management, direct e-mails. Please be patient while the home page is being updated since all work is carried out on a voluntary basis. If you want to send any information to the management please e-mail

We need people to do various tasks for the association. For example, the intention is to start cleaning TF-ISB soon and to do some maintenance work at the Ólafsvellir site. You don't need to be a specialist in airplanes to participate. Don't hesitate to contact us if you can work with us. You can e-mail or phone Birgir at +354 505 0481 and give him your name and your specialty, if relevant. Specialists can be of great help in solving many problems that can come up.

December 17th 2005 is the 70th anniversary of the DC-3's first flight. It is doubtful that any other type of aircraft has had greater impact on the development of air transport in the world. At first, American Airlines used the planes for night flights between the East Coast and the West Coast of the USA and they were produced with sleeping cabins for 14 passengers; simultaneously a traditional passenger aircraft was developed with capacity of 21 passengers. The DC-3 Friends in Iceland will not celebrate this anniversary specially but will try to promote this milestone. Hopefully, some articles will be published in the Icelandic newspapers on the occasion and also on our home page. I sincerely hope that we can jointly manage to conserve these two very important DC-3 airplanes for the enjoyment of coming generations.

Work on financing matters regarding the reconstruction of TF-ISB is in full force and we will let you know when that has been accomplished.

An association meeting is scheduled in January and it will be announced specially when the time draws near.

On behalf of the DC-3 association I wish you and your family a marry Christmas and a happy new year.

Tómas Dagur Helgason, chairman.